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Amsoil Super Duty Oil Filters
Superior filtration efficieny and higher contaminant capacity over other filters. Full flow design with anti-drainback and pressure relief valves; cellullose, synthetic and glass blend media lasts longer and filters better than paper.
Technical Data
By-pass Oil Filter Mount Kit
A second oil filter extends the life of the engine's full-flow filter. It filters 10% of the oil leaving the lubrication circuit and returns it to the pan resulting in cleaner oil passing through the full-flow filter. Amsoil By-Pass filters remove particulates down to 1 micron in size and acts as a water seperator to remove moisture from the crankcase. Also increases engine oil capacity. Mount and element sold seperatly.
Replace at every other oil change.
Technical Data
Dual Remote Oil Filtration System
A more efficient dual fltration system than the OEM full-flow/by-pass filters. An adapter plate directs all oil flow to a remote dual filter header which diverts more oil flow through the by-pass filter than the By-pass kit above.
Complete with Super Duty and By-Pass filter elements.
Amsoil Two-Stage Foam Air Filters
Allows greater air flow and better filtering capability over paper filters. Longer service interval over replacing paper elements. To clean, remove from vehicle, wash in detergent and warm water, allow to air dry. Uses Amsoil Foam Filter Oil.
Technical Data
Foam Filter Oil
Specifically designed for Amsoil's reuseable foam air filters. Special "high tack" oil to trap and hold dirt and dust.
Using an Amsoil Super Duty Filter, By-Pass Filter and Two-Stage Foam Air Filter offers the best protection for your engine and oil,
and is recommended when using oil analysis to extending you oil drain intervals.
AMSOIL is now a distributor for Hastings Filters
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