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ATD-5213 4"-4 3/8" Oil/Fuel filter Wrench$8.95/each
ATD-5207 3 7/16"-3 3/4" Oil/Fuel filter Wrench$8.45/each
7.3 Fuel Filter Cap Tool$19.00/each
6.0 Oil/Fuel filter Cap Socket$12.75/each
Moroso Oil Pan Heater$66.00/each
Fumoto F111 Drain Valve$28.00/each
99/2000 Upper Radiator Hose$25.00/each
PowerStroke Diesel Fender Tag$23.00/each
PowerStroke V8 Fender Tag$20.00/each
PowerStroke Diesel V8 Door Tag--Red Stripes$27.00/each
PowerStroke Diesel V8 Door Tag--Chrome Stripes$27.00/each
Oil Drain Gasket$5.50/4
Motorcraft Glow Plug Relay$85.00/each
Motorcraft ZD-11 Glow Plug$25.00/each
Motorcraft ZD-9 Glow Plug$24.00/each
Motorcraft ZD-1A Glow Plug$24.00/each
IPR Valve O-ring Seal Kit$36.60/kit
Intercooler Hose Kit$65.00/kit
Intercooler Clamp Set$30.00/kit
Turbocharger Bolt Kit$25.00/kit
Dipaco Injector Install Kits:  
83-88 6.9/7.3; DPE69120$40.00/kit
89-94 7.3IDI; DPE73120$39.50/kit
83-88 6.9/7.3 Minor Kit; DPE69130$12.00/kit
89-94 7.3IDI Minor Kit; DPE73130$12.00/kit
Additional Fuel Return Parts for Turbo:  
Fuel Hose "TEE"; use with DEP69120$3.61/each
Single-barb Injector Cap; use with DEP69120$4.21/each
Single-barb Injector Cap; use with DEP73120$6.00/each
Three-way Injector Cap; use with DEP73120$5.40/each
3/8" Fuel Line Seals$7.00/each
5/16"Fuel Line Seals$9.00/2
Injection Pump Inlet O-ring Seal$4.75/each
Injection Pump Install Seal Kit$7.50/kit
PowerStroke Turbo O-ring Kit$11.00/kit
Motorcraft FA 1759 AIS (99.5)$260.00
Motorcraft FA 1759B AIS (99)$280.00
Motorcraft FL 784 Oil Filter$7.99/each
Motorcraft FL1995 Oil Filter$12.95/each
Racor PF L2016 Oil Filter$32.00/each
Fleetrite Engine Oil Defoamer$6.35/bottle$6.50
LubeGard ATF Protectant$11.95/bottle
Dr. Tranny Kooler Kleen$11.95/can
LubeGard Limited Slip Suppliment$11.75/tube
LubeGard Gear Fluid Suppliment$11.95/bottle
LubeGard Power Steering Fluid Protectant$9.45/bottle
Stanadyne Performance/All-Season Diesel Fuel Conditioner:  
"One-Shot" (treats 30 gals)$4.35/bottle
Pint (treats 60 gals)$8.75/bottle
Half Gallon (treats 240 gals)$29.00/bottle
Stanadyne Performance Junior Diesel Fuel Conditioner:  
"One-Shot" (treats 30 gals)$3.15/bottle
Pint (treats 120 gals)$5.25/bottle
Stanadyne Lubricity Formula "One-Shot" (treats 15 gals)$3.85/bottle
Fleetguard Coolant Conditioner DCA4$8.50/pint
Acustrip SCA test strips, 4 pack$6.50/4
Acustrip ELC test strips, 6 pack$5.00/6
Racor Interceptor Fuel Filters:  
7.3 Spin-on Element IN F829B$36.00/each
94.5-97 PowerStroke Element IN F4595$27.00/each
99 and up PowerStroke Element IN F4596$29.00/each
Racor PF F4604 Fuel Filters for 6.0$48.00
Baldwin BF786 replacement 6.9 Fuel Filter$15.00/each
Water-in-fuel light module$35.00/each
Filter Engineering Coolant Filter Kits:  
FEK200P/S (94-97)$125.00/kit
FEK201P/S (99-2003)$125.00/kit
12 Valve Dodge/Cummins kit$110.00/kit
24 Valve Dodge/Cummins kit$145.00/kit
Replacement Element NF2999 $10.97/each
SCA Pre-charged Element NF3000 $10.97/each
B&M SuperCooler autotrans cooler$75.00/each
External Transmission Filter Kit:  
Filter Kit for Cooler Hose Installation $58.00/kit
Filter Kit for Steel Line Installation $70.00/kit
Additional Cooler Hose$2.00/foot
Optional Synthetic Filteradd $7.10
Magnefine External ATF Filter $30.00/each
Fitting Kit for Steel Line Installation $5.00/kit
Cooler line OD: 5/16"; 3/8"; 1/2"
Automatic Trans Drain Kit$12.00/each
Shift Reprogram KitPriced by app
BD PressureLoc$325.00/each
BD AutoLoc$275.00/each
BD TorqLoc$325.00/each
BD Trans Valve Body$425.00/each
BD Trans Cooler w/Fan$350.00/each
Mag-Hytec Auto Trans Pan($ by appl.)
Mag-Hytec Differential Cover($ by appl.)
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